Attract More Traffic to Your Fashion Site through Instagram Account


It is important to endorse the right product at the right time, in line with the latest market trend, if you want to promote your fashion brand online. No doubt that Instagram, with its unlimited scope of visual promotions, is one of the most relevant social media platforms for fashion brands.

As of late, the majority of the customers tend to use their smartphones for browsing, and it is mostly on the go. With its primary focus on smartphone users, the Instagram app offered a significant advantage for fashion businesses to reach to a vast crowd and engaged then effectively when compared to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

The latest study had shown that Instagram posts 60 times additional responses than the very next social media platform in case of fashion related promotional images. As discussed above, the primary reason behind Instagram’s massive presence online is the scope of posting captivating pictures of your products for the customers.

Some Quick Tips for Fashion Stores to Attract Traffic Through Instagram

  • Owning an online fashion store, first familiarize with all features of Instagram and learn through trial and error to use these well before endorsing your products online.
  • Recently, Instagram released the dedicated feature of Instagram for business. It can help to offer seamless services through this platform like brand spotlighting, industry-based promotional strategies, APIs, and stories, etc, which can surely help fashion promotions to a great extent.
  • The unique scope of highlighting user-generated content. Consumer psychology says that they also want to get recognized for what they do. So, it is ideal to mention your consumers in the loop and also get them to tag your products in their posts to reach further to their circles too.
  • Cross promotion of social profiles. An unseen area to explore for better advantage through social channels is to draw more traffic on Instagram is by endorsing your other social media accounts too as Facebook or Twitter through it. Hashtags can be effectively used to endorse the products.
  • Hashtags may help you to connect to other people in the fashion community. To gain the attention of new followers, you may use the most popular and trending hashtags like #fashion, #fashionphoto, #followforfollow, #instagood, #tagsforlikes, etc. When choosing unique hashtags for your brand, remember that the hashtags you make should be relevant and unique to your product.
  • Leverage the scope of video sharing media like YouTube. While posting short videos on your fashionable products on Instagram, direct the followers who show interest in those to your YouTube channel too to get more relevant information about the products.
  • Attaching product videos to the blog. Attaching a short informative video to your fashion blog is an efficient and smart technique to attract a new audience. When it comes to modern-day marketing, Gramista suggests that videos feature a unique selling proposition for fashion and design businesses.
  • Follow back. Smart brands will offer the favor in return by following back your users. Those who choose to follow you are loyal customers so it is not only beneficial to follow them for communication, but it will also be counted an act of recognition and acknowledgment.

Driving in more Traffic Through Instagram

If you own a fashion store, then it is good to get as many followers as possible on the visual platform of Instagram. Achieving this goal will validate that you offer the right type of content to the followers and naturally attract more. However, you need to understand that building such a following is just the first step towards your goal. The goal is to drive in more traffic to your website from Instagram. Further, in this article, we will discuss some smart tip to get more visitors to your site from Instagram.

1: Try lead offers to Getting People off Instagram

Instagram is not primarily a business-centric network platform like LinkedIn, and it also doesn’t have much advertising options like Facebook. Even though this makes lead generation through Instagram a bit difficult for fashion promoters, it is not impossible.

However, lead offer is a beautiful opportunity with which you can effectively use a gated content piece which people can only access by subscribing to your email. For this, you may first create a landing page where you share can the unique bit of info. Next, share it through an Instagram post and promote your content to ask people to visit your page to get more info.

2: Handle your Instagram Bio Effectively

You can add a link to your Instagram bio and may change at any time to your website URL or landing page. You may also use tools like to link the Instagram posts to your landing pages. Doing this, if someone clicks on this bio, then it will be so easy to find our offers. It is also an ideal option to use shortened URLs and adding UTM parameters too which makes tracking the number of clicks easy through Google Analytics.

3: Use Shoppable Posts

Shoppable posts is a revolutionary change Instagram brought in, which offers an excellent way for the marketers to get your followers to shop your products right from the posts. Suppose if you came across a nice pair of sneakers on an Instagram post, which you always wanted buy. Previously you had to investigate it and go to different places to identify who the seller is and reach their product page to purchase it. However, shoppable posts offer an easier way for the users to shop products directly from Instagram posts.

4: Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a more personal and relatable approach to promotions. It allows the marketers to cut off their hi-fi visual ads and directly talk to the consumers. The modern-day consumers want to buy a brand they trust and can easily relate with. Instagram Stories will help make your ads more trustworthy and personal.

Always remember that while trying to drive in more traffic to your fashion site from Instagram, all the above tips boil down to being more relatable, authentic, and personal. Once if you do it well and your followers start to appreciate your efforts, you will find traffic coming in more naturally and effectively.