How to Play PUBG Mobile Without Using the Internet

How to Play PUBG Mobile Without Using the Internet: Pubg is one of the most popular Android and IOS games in recent times. With its unique features and stunning moves make it a more interesting game to play. Play store has witnessed a record of more than 50 million+ downloads in last year. The updated versions make the game even more interesting which also attracts lots of new people to download the game and play. Somehow few people opt out of the Pubg game for various reasons one of them is its high-speed requirement to play,

Things you Should Remember while Playing PUBG Offline:

Many players have started asking the question of how to play Pubg game without using the internet? You can easily run Pubg offline on mobile by following the below-given methods. But before that here are the list of things that you should remember while playing Pubg game offline:

  • Pubg offline can be played only in the latest versions of the game. So make sure you are using the latest versions of the Pubg mobile game.
  • Turn off your Wifi or mobile internet on your device while playing.
  • But you may wonder for multiplayer internet content is must but here we are not playing with multiplayer.
  • By following these things you can play Pubg in training mode because for other modes you need an active internet connection to work.

Step by step guide to Play Pubg game offline:

  • The first step you need to do is run Pubg mobile on your device
  • Then choose any match on the left corner
  • Now click on the training to play Pubg offline
  • After tapping the training mode you can enter into the training room
  • Now you can play the Pubg game offline without using internet or mobile data.

Final words:

Pubg is an interesting game to play and hope you are now aware of how to play Pubg offline without using mobile data.

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