Robot Workers and Workplace Automation


From the very first stone ax to the modern robots, information and technology have shaped and played a vital role in day to day work. With the advancement in technology, machines and robots are gradually working together with human employees, as they do in the new warehouse of Amazon in Trenton, N.J.

Garner’s and Forrester’s Predictions on Robots, Machines and System Automation

In accordance with Gartner’s and Forrester’s predictions robots, machines, robotic systems, and system automation will have an increasing role.

  • By 2018, 3 million or more employees internationally will be supervised by a robot boss.
  • By 2018, six billion linked things will be requesting system automation support.
  • By 2020 writers will be replaced, 1/5th of the content for business use will be authored by a machine or by a robot.
  • By 2020, 5% of all economic transactions will be done through autonomous software agents outside of human control. Already the Smart algorithms have begun to perform transactions without human intervention.

Overall Impact of Robot Workers in various Industries

Robots in industries considerably increase the scope for replacing human employees, as they decrease the human intervention required in automated processes. Generally, the applications for robots in industries include handling, assembling, processing, dispensing and welding, all of which are widespread in the manufacturing sector as well as in agriculture sector and even in the inspection of structures and equipment.

Overall Impact of Robot Workers on human-oriented Jobs

Most of the jobs like low skilled jobs such as jobs in manufacturing industries or jobs in call centers are at risk. However, the skilled profession is also at risk of being replaced by the system automation and robots. The noticeable thing in financial technology is “Robo-advice”. Rob’s advice is an algorithm that can advise in regard to savings and investment instrument to anyone, in the same manner, a financial advisor would.  If robot advisors take off it may lead to huge migration in that high-skilled profession.

Upcoming Era of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

In 2015 word’s five big players in IT industry: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook have invested in revolutionary a project that’s in intelligent virtual assistants. This Intelligent virtual assistant can easily understand your language (both written and spoken) and can perform or complete the everyday electronic task for the end user. Google’s NowApple’s SiriFacebook’s MAmazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are more individual approaches to the issue.

IBM Watson uses in various Sectors

Primarily a research project, the cognitive computer system is being used across the various industries to boost the revenue, efficiency and even save lives. Watson offers cloud-based extrapolative analytics for business insight. As mentioned, with the IBM Watson’s cognitive computing services, users can ask questions in natural language and can visualize their data patterns.