Science and Technology is the Panacea for the Growth and Security of the Nation

There is absolutely no doubt that we all are living in the age of science and technology and based on these two wings of the human civilization for achieving the feats we enjoy today. While the word science stands for a systematic body of knowledge gained through observation of the natural phenomenon and establishing the causal connections, technology means the practical application of the knowledge for making lives more convenient. We can never deny the effect of two earlier discoveries in the history of mankind and how they worked for the growth of human civilization – fire and wheels.

Science and Technology is the Panacea for the Growth and Security of the Nation

A critical input

Science and Technology are two critical inputs for alleviation of poverty and ensuring economic growth & development. In past the scientific methods were more inclined on synthesis than on practical application and prediction of behaviors. Now the advanced scientific and technical knowledge are applied for bringing in substantial changes in the quality of life of the people all over the world and this will increasingly be the most powerful determinant.

Effect on National Growth

All over the world, the growth of nations is measured by GDP. This is in fact the value of all goods and service produced by the Nation. Science and Technology make immense contribution for increasing GDP of a Nation in each and every sector such as agriculture, industrial & manufacturing, services sectors etc.

Agriculture: When we consider agriculture, we find that advances in Science and Technology has laid the foundation for Green Revolution by improved seeds and method of cultivation for making many nations self sufficient in foods.

Industrial & Manufacture: Scientific advancement made industrial revolution possible and still now this is ushering with new methods of producing goods at a lower cost; thus helping national growth.

Services sector: Advancement in the information technology has made significant contributions in the growth of communication, banking, insurance, transport, tourism or any other you name making a tremendous impact on national growth

Health Care: Over the decades the advancement in Science & Technology has made a significant contribution in improving the average human health all over the world. But there is no room for complacency and still much more has to be done.

Energy & Environment: Only due to advancements in Science & Technology it became possible to shift more towards clean energy without compromising with the environment.

Effects on National Security

National security plays a very vital role in achieving economic growth and sustaining the same. Nations with internal security problem tend to have the economic system disrupted and thus, security has to be ensured. The modern scientific developments had made many devices for tracking these disruptive forces and weapons to counteract them. And when talking about the external threats, we must keep in mind that only the powerful nations draw respect from the others. Having A tom Bombs, ballistic missiles and other intercontinental weapons are considered as an indicator of military power and a nation can only achieve such feat with research and development in science and technology.

The Bottom Line

Application of Science & Technology for national growth is dependent on the wills of the people engaged in the governance of the nation.

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