The Breezy Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays we lead a mechanical fast-paced life. Each day we wake up and rush, we work and toil, we crave and binge, we indulge and get tired to catch some sleep, and get tired wanting some peace. Night falls and we droop down to begin the quintessential race and the accompanying stupor yet again the following day. Being busy in our rough and rash lives we almost forget that our body and mind demand a certain level of well being. And many times our body succumbs to the unusually swelled up stress levels.

The greatest investment that we can make for ourselves is investing a little thought, a little time and some efforts into taking care of the wonderful selves that we are.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

You can actually find the market flooded with the latest health apps and fitness bands that can act as our very own personal guide. Being healthy is a very personal thing that is readily being sold in packages and deals all around the world at shopping cartels and health centers. The crux of the biggest issue surrounding us lies in simple steps. Let’s have a look.

Health apps

If you are thinking of spending a pocketful of bucks on some piece of health advice or guidance, think twice. Best Fitness Apps of 2019 The app stores are full of genuine health apps that combine expert advice, health monitoring, check-up routines, diet charts, and other daily activities to make ourselves healthy, wealthy and wise.

Breath fresh while you walk or jog

Yes, a gym trainer can provide you with the right kind of guidance with your cardio and weights, but a brisk walk or a rigorous jog in the nearby park or open areas cannot be substituted. A 45-minute walk with your favorite song humming in the ears or the pleasant morning noises with greens and fresh air can do wonders. Breath deep and long!

Eat right not less

Choose a balanced diet as per your body requirements and ensure your body weight is in sync with the BMI index. Vitamin B complex boosts your immunity, D strengthens the bone, C sums up the repairs in our body, A boosts the eyesights, proteins build our cells, carbs provide the daily dose of energy and the list goes on.

A simple trick indulges in bits, eat in small plates and scatter your food intake into several proportions well timed out throughout the day.

Fitness bands

They come in the variety of designs laced with cool technologies that help us keep a tab on the steps we walk, calories we burn, our workout regimes, calorie intake, heartbeat monitoring to name a few. They can be our best health buddies with a dash of style to flaunt.

Water yourself well

It is recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis. The water helps in retaining nutrients as we transpire, maintains the kidney function and level of other fluids in the body and helps in good bowel movements.

Sleep and lifestyle matter

Sleep soundly for a good 6-7 hours in the least on a good quality mattress on your back. Proper posture impacts our health further.  Minimize or Do away with alcoholism, smoking and caffeine intake. They tend to reduce water retention, cause weight gain and gift us with a whole lot of other deadly diseases. Adopt an active and well-informed lifestyle with more focus on organic and natural supplements rather than processed foods. Keep a check on time spent online with gadgets and games.

Follow your hobbies

Try and keep your stress levels down to ensure mental health. You cannot achieve vitality with your mind restless. Meditate, do breathing exercises, yoga or join any kind of activities involving physical exercises. Join communities, spend time with friends and family and maintain a well balanced social and personal life to keep positivity alive.

Staying healthy is not a luxury but a necessity that is often foregone. Be successful, busy and pompous but not at the cost of your health. Life with its myriad colors is to live to the fullest and that can be only done by a healthy and joyous you.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.

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